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All Dillon precision reloaders, with the exception of the Super 1050, are covered by Dillon's No Bull warranty. This means for the life of the machine if anything breaks it is covered. This is available only directly from Dillon in the USA.

As Dillon resellers in Australia we offer a 1 year warranty on all Dillon equipment imported and sold by us or one of our dealers. We extend this warranty for the life of the machine with an attached service fee. This means we will supply replacement parts on older machines but these parts will come with a service charge, this covers our importing costs, storage, posting, packing and time. The amount of the service fee depends on many factors and will be determined by us at the time.

We are happy to service customers who have not purchased their machines through us but once again only with the service fee policy.

If you are not willing to pay a service fee you can contact Dillon precision in the USA directly to arrange warranty.

Also please note not all Dillon equipment carries a lifetime warranty. Super 1050s are considered commercial and have a 1 year warranty. Most other parts and accessories are also only covered by a one year warranty.
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